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Necat British College (NBC)

Necat British College

Necat British College is both a kindergarten and a school in one educational institution. It is located in Alsancak.

Necat British College It accepts children from 2 years to 13 class.Until 4 years old children go to kindergarten, and then they go to school. Already at the age of three, children begin to engage in various developmental programs. On the college website you can see subjects for an older age.

All teaching is in English, once a week there is a Turkish lesson.

Necat British College


Children study from 8.20-15.30, and on Friday until 16.30.

For babies up to 3 years there is a sleep hour. The beds, of course, are very strange for our Russian consciousness – this is a wooden flooring on tiny legs with a mattress. Teachers sit in the rest room, drink tea and chat between each other. The situation is pacifying, but children are not forced to sleep. You can just lie down and relax.

The dining room is one for everyone, regardless of age. The school has a breakfast, snack, lunch and snack second. Keep in mind that food in the TRNC is different from the European cuisine, unfortunately. Milk porridge and different types of soups will definitely not be offered to you.

Most of the teaching staff – Cypriots, British and a few even have a Russian-speaking teacher.

All children use an uniform, 1 set of clothes is included in the price.

There is a large sports ground and a playground on site.

The territory is closed, at the gate there is a security post.

Last year, they built a new building for high school students and divided the children by age, now the little ones have their own building.

Necat British College

Payment plan:

Education fees for the youngest year are 3200 pounds. This amount can be divided into 6 or 12 parts, but in this case, the total cost will be more expensive. If you pay per month, it will be 285 pounds. Registration fee 200 pounds. They say that this amount goes to pencils, paints and more. Books are paid separately.

Each year, the cost increases by about 30 pounds per month or 200-300 pounds per year, depending on the age of the child.

For the second child there is a discount of 10%.

The school also has a shuttle service, which is paid separately. The price depends on the area:

Alsancak – 500 pounds per year
Lapta Girne Catalkoy – 600 pounds per year
Bogaz – 700 pounds per year
Lefkosa – 900 pounds per year

You can use the one-way service, then the amount will be 200 pounds a year cheaper. Children are given directly into the hands of parents or relatives.

In addition, there is a summer school for children from 3-13 years old for 950TL per month or 250TL per week.

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